Yamazaki Home, the Japandi brand everyone needs

KarenApril 24, 2021

I am obsessed with this line of home goods that you can get from Amazon. Yamazaki specializes in home organization and space-saving products that are well-designed, simple, and modern. Everything they sell will match your Scandinavian or Japanese-styled home. And the best thing is it’s reasonably priced and easy to buy online or in-stores. 

Yamazaki’s line of home goods are generally simply designed and come in a classic Scandinavian color combination, white and light-colored wood. Here are three products I personally use in my home and would recommend them if you need them too!

Yamazaki Magnetic Wall Organizer & Key Hooks

Yamazaki Magnetic Dish Towel Hanger

Yamazaki Shampoo Dispenser Bottle

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You cannot go wrong with any of their products if you’re trying to keep a modern Scandi or Japandi style. Simplicity and minimalism are core principles to a Scandinavian or Japandi home. Yamazaki Home can definitely help with keeping it organized with the right simple design. Here are a few more home organization and storage favorites but I didn’t quite need them in my space. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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