Best places to buy Scandi houseplants & pots

March 31, 2021

A core principle of every Scandinavian and Japanese style home is to bring in nature. This means buying and decorating with indoor plants! Here are the best places to best find and buy houseplants and pots in the US.

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The Affordable Options

I buy 95% of my plants from Lowes and Home Depot. They are fantastic value for novice gardeners and black thumbs like myself.

Did you know Lowes has an extended return policy if your plants die within 90 days? (They also have 1-year for all perennials, trees, and shrubs in case you’re shopping for the outdoors!) .

Sometimes you can even find trendy and modern planters and pots to fit your Scandi and Japandi style. Check out these minimalistic pots and plant combos from Lowes from my last trip.

Generally, any large big-box stores’ garden center will be the best value like Walmart or Fred Meyers. And… of course, Ikea is another inexpensive option for indoor live plants. Browse early in the season because they will sell out!

The Mid-Range Options

West Elm and CB2 are definitely my favorite affordable to mid-range spots to get a cute plant pot. They don’t sell live plants though so head over to your local garden center for your new pot.

You can definitely shop for live plants online at Amazon but to be honest, I’ve never tried it. My favorite planter on Amazon from a seller called OMYSA. This is the spot to get an affordable mid-century style planter BUT the stand is a walnut color. I’d much prefer a light natural wood or black stand for my Japandi or Scandi styled home. So, I actually sanded my stand and painted it black. (As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases from these links)

Local Spotlight (but available online):

Browse this cute boutique in San Diego, Pigment! They have mid-range planter options that you can buy online around the $20-30 mark. Most of them are very simple shapes, patterns and pastel colors to suite your Scandi Japandi home.

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The Splurge Options

Support your local boutique plant shops and nurseries. You can generally find more plant options year-round and get expert advice. Just start with a google search of your location and “garden nurseries”. They are great to visit with lots to see, but generally, you do pay for the experience. In Seattle, my local favorites are The Palm Room, Swanson Nursery, and Sky Nursery.

You can also buy plants online and two of my favorites is The Sill and Bloomscape. Their plants and plant pots are beautiful but you do pay a premium for the delivery. Etsy is also a place to find handmade pots. Check out these handmade concrete pots and ceramic ones here.

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